The Most Comprehensive Edge Computing and Security Platform

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm,which brings critical information analysis and knowledge storage closer to the location where it is needed.With the growing number of Internet-of-Things (IoT),connected automotive and industrial yaboapp体育官网applications;latency,privacy,and bandwidth become critical limiting factors and edge computing solves this by bringing the intelligence closer to the source.As the industry shifts toward edge computing,enablement of real-time decision making with on-device artificial intelligence (AI) becomes ever important.

Enter the EdgeVerseplatform- the most comprehensive edge computing and security platform.NXP's EdgeVerse platform brings together the building blocks for high-performance and energy-efficient compute through the industry's broadest portfolio of scalable embedded processing that can power numerous edge yaboapp体育官网applications within the industrial,IoT,and automotive markets.

The EdgeVerse platform is composed of NXP's complete portfolio of industrial,IoT,and automotive embedded processors,world-class security,enhanced short-range connectivity solutions,turnkey production-ready solutions,signature 亚博yobo体育software solutions for Machine Learning (ML),audio/video experience,and device management 亚博yobo体育software platforms.

EdgeLockSecurity Portfolio

The EdgeLock portfolio,part of the EdgeVerse platform,includes NXP's reputed discrete secure elements,secure authenticator yabo88体育products for interface,and identifies embedded security within the broad portfolio of yaboapp体育官网applications processors and microcontrollers with integrated security.EdgeLock brings integrity,authenticity,and privacy to the edge with security from the edge node to the gateway and the cloud.Security capabilities within the platform include secure boot trust anchor,on-chip cryptography,ready-to-use security solution for provisioning,mutual device authentication,secure device management suite,over-the-air (OTA) update,and life-cycle management capabilities.